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Much debate surrounds the notion that an entrepreneur is born with innate entrepreneurial abilities. Many believe that specific genes are present in all successful entrepreneurs. In fact, a 2008 study of identical versus fraternal twins concluded entrepreneurship has a genetic link.


Written by Saqi316
1846 days ago

Looks like I am on the right track because I do 4 of these things.. Thanks for sharing this with Bizsugar community.


Written by HeatherStone
1840 days ago

Hi Saqi,

Sounds like a great start. Thanks for the comment!

Written by HeatherStone
1848 days ago

Hi Holly,

I think optimism is a huge imperative for entrepreneurs. Creating a company out of nothing requires it. The question is, do you think a positive outlook can be learned or must we be born with it? The old question? Is an entrepreneur born or made? Your thoughts?

Written by HeatherStone
1840 days ago

Hi Holly,

Thanks for the input. I guess the debate continues. :)

Written by Exit Promise
1847 days ago

Hi Heather, The study cited in my Forbes post concluded that the tendency to become an entrepreneur is genetic. HOWEVER, I believe because of what I have observed in successful entrepreneurs, six behaviors dictate how successful the entrepreneur is in his or her endeavors. Optimism or a positive outlook is one of those six behaviors (or habits)!

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