Big Mistakes Made by Failed Startups

Big Mistakes Made by Failed Startups - Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Startups
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Made Hot by: fundpr on September 13, 2018 8:22 am
Now there are more startups starting up from ever because of population and economic issues compared to a few years ago.

Here is 4 big mistakes that failed startups make, which are easily avoided.


Written by lyceum
34 days ago

Ivan: Thanks for your input. I have to “chew” this topic... ;)

Written by Rbacal
59 days ago

I don't know about the lazy one, but the others are good, particularly the one on growth.

Written by Risk-matters
62 days ago

Point number 2 seems to be the encouraged approach nowadays, you don't profitably or even on the path to profit before expanding as long as you can get further venture capital.

Written by ivanpw
34 days ago

Yes - the aim is the sky-high valuation, and jumping from one funding series to another... then hopefully, a major investor/group of investor would acquire the startup. A nice plan, but only a few can pull it off.

Written by lyceum
62 days ago

Ivan: Which is the biggest mistake at the moment, do you think?

Written by ivanpw
34 days ago

I think the lazy part is pretty rampant. I should replace lazy with entitled... everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but not many want to pay the price. The difference between bootstrapping and venture funding is real: The former pushes you to be profitable; the latter pushes you to be bigger; and in startup land, bigger is not always more profitable :)

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