Trust Your Own Vision

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Should you create something that you yourself would really love or should you only listen to the marketplace instead?


Written by HeatherStone
3401 days ago

Hi Marcus,

Great video and I think you're clearly right about following your own vision. One caveat, however. I think it's possible to have a personal vision for what a certain group of customers might need. Perhaps this vision might come in a flash of insight while walking down the street and seeing someone with a problem or difficulty. In a sudden moment of inspiration, you realize how to solve it. Or perhaps you read about a problem or trend and, in an instant, see exactly what is missing and what would make people's lives better. It may not be a solution that you yourself need, but you know immediately that others do in the same way an artist knows there is a time to communicate a particular message and uses his or her art to do so. What do you think? Is it possible to create something for someone else but follow a personal vision at the same time? I would love to hear your insights on the BizSugar community and thanks for sharing this post with us.

Written by diagramified
3401 days ago

Great point Heather.

I do absolutely think it is possible to create something for someone else, and have a personal vision at the same time.

Our vision can include how we relate to our customers...presenting them with an authentic picture of who we really are and why we care about solving their problem. In other words, our vision may be more about our style than the particular product or service. And while that personal brand may not appeal to everyone, I truly believe that if it is authentic, it will eventually connect with the right customers, the ones for whom our product/service just "feels" right.

The key (in my opinion) is to have enough trust in our own unique style to resist the downward spiral many of us face when we start second guessing ourselves. We are all searching for the right answers, and building a business, like any art, can take us in nearly infinite directions.

Great point and addition Heather. Thanks for adding your thoughts!

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