What's In A Name?

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What's in a name when picking one for your business. Quite a lot, say some entrepreneurs who fret over what to name their new venture during startup. Not only will the name you choose stay with you for a long time, but it will communicate much about your values and your business to customers. It will be a first impression but must also leave a lasting impression and with all of this said, here are some other thoughts from Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs.


Written by ajayjoya
4641 days ago

right business name easily attracts the clients, it must be choosed with more wisely, once you choosed it you have to promote it and in the middle of business it can't be renamed easily.

Written by lyceum
4643 days ago

It could be difficult to pick a name. From my post, Bureaucracy Versus Entrepreneurship:

"Could it be that my business venture is going down the drain before it is even started? I thought it shouldn't be any problem with the registration of my sole trader company, so I ordered my business cards. [Editor's note: By the way: Here is an interesting article on how to get a logotype.] It has been around two weeks since I sent the application forms to the Swedish Companies Registration Office and to the Swedish IRS. I called them up and got the information that they had not processed my applications. The SCRO had not accepted my choice of company name (EGO International Business Coordinator) because they thought it was too similar to another company with the word ego in the name. I have faxed them a list of new alternatives:

1. Egoist International Business Coordinator

2. International Business Coordinator

3. Lindeskog International Business Coordinator

4. Martin Lindeskog Sole Trader



Written by yoni67
4643 days ago

Shawn, a great, very comprehensive article on the critical aspects of naming a business. Very important is the point made that once a business is named, it is almost impossible to change the name; it's crucial to get it right the first time, an act which tales a huge amount of thought, insight and pondering.

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