10 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Here are ten biggest mistakes often made by small business owners. Avoiding these mistakes can save the business you are working on.


Written by lyceum
374 days ago

Ivan: Great to hear! :)

I will tell you more about the book in the near future... ;)

All the Best,


Written by lyceum
378 days ago


Ditto! ;) The money will come from your passionate for creative work. The good thing is that I can defend the philosophical symbol ($) of money, as a "poor" capitalist! ;)

I have to focus more on my writing at the money, and finish my first forthcoming book on tea. I am involved in plenty of projects at the moment. I enjoy to have several things on my plate, but I have to do a prio. list for the near future...

Written by ivanpw
374 days ago


That's a dream job, indeed :D

When your book is out to the market, please let me know!

Written by lyceum
381 days ago

Ivan: Which mistake do you think is the most common? Which mistake have you done recently?

Written by ivanpw
378 days ago


The biggest mistake: Staring a business because of the money, not because you're passionate about it. Chances are, you'll have a miserable entrepreneurial life if you do that :)

My latest mistake? Focus. I lose focus because I want to do so many things. Let's just say that I'm spreading myself too thin ;)

How about you, Martin?

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