Looking at website for sale listings, I ignore the income claims on most of the website for sale listings. Why?


Written by lyceum
2093 days ago

Thanks Ivan: I look forward to read your email. :)

Written by lyceum
2095 days ago

Ivan: I want to talk with you regarding buying sites on Flippa...

Written by ivanpw
2094 days ago

I've sent an email to your public email :)

Written by lyceum
2099 days ago

Ivan: Thanks for giving sound advice on how to buy a website. I will show your post to a friend who is interested in buying a new site. Have you purchased sites from a special category or from different areas of the Internet?

Written by ivanpw
2099 days ago

Hi Martin,

That's very kind of you - thanks.

I was actively buying and selling websites 3 years ago, and I'm going to do that again today :)I do look for any kind of sites, but I particularly keen on business blogs...

Written by tcamba
2102 days ago

Flippa would be the only online marketplace for websites I would trust.

Written by ivanpw
2101 days ago


So far, it's the most trusted and reputable one (I do have some issues with them, though - but everything was settled well, eventually.)

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