4 Tips for Practicing Proper Videoconferencing Etiquette

4 Tips for Practicing Proper Videoconferencing Etiquette - http://smallbizbee.com Avatar Posted by maplesummit under Technology
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We've been talking a bit lately about working remotely, and collaborating over the Internet, and videoconferencing can be a big part of that. Today's guest post from Jeff Creech gives us 4 videoconferencing tips to have you looking and sounding your best during your next virtual meeting.


Written by smallbusinessadvertising
4393 days ago

Great post! Videoconferencing is here to stay.

The best way to sell is one-on-one, using the Internet it is impossible to sell one-on-one but videoconferencing can help you a lot because people can see who you are.

On the other hand, you can use your body language which is a powerful weapon when it comes to engaging.

Written by Hurrah_Productions
4534 days ago

Very good tip's indeed. You can never go back on a poor first impression. First impression's are everything in business. Video is increasingly taking a lead in business for communications spanning from video testimonials to video's from the chairman and general update's/announcements as to what the company has been up and where the company is heading. I see video as a great way to communicate to stakeholders as to what the company is up to and in a more friendly / up front and open manner.

Written by ajayjoya
4581 days ago

videoconferencing is going the top communicating tool for communication, so better etiquette are real needed. good post

Written by billrice
4647 days ago

Boy, I'm telling you what--a lot of people need to read this one. You're tips are great. Ican't count the number of sales and business relationships damaged over poor conference calls.

Written by ShawnHessinger
4648 days ago

Thanks for sharing. These are great tips. I have a strong feeling videoconferencing is going to continue growing in importance as a form of communication especially with the expansion of small businesses into an increasingly global market where this kind of interaction can change any business person's ability to market and communicate with other businesses over great distances cheaply and efficiently.

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