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When you migrate your small business functions to the cloud, there are many benefits. Start with the ability to work from anywhere. It's one of the advantages Syreeta Saunders-Keys, owner of Keys2Day Real Estate, discovered. Technology that works well allows you to operate your business without thinking about it.


Written by 27will
3684 days ago

Cloud hosting has worked well for us here at Horizon Business Funding. The applications of being able to easily access data on many machines are far reaching and versatile, and can work well for small businesses as well.

Written by jonathonfishman
3684 days ago

Being both an entrepreneur (three startups) and an owner of a small business IT Services Company, this post is very insightful and useful to a small business owner. You're doing your business and yourself a disservice if you're not leveraging "cloud" services in your organization.

This article cites as an example a "platform" for web applications. There are other baby steps an organization can take to migrate towards leveraging cloud services. It doesn't need to be an "all or nothing" approach.

Here are a few critical tips:

1. Someone in the organization needs to be accountable. You must own the IT institutional know-how. This isn’t fixing it, this in knowing at a high level what the systems are. Cloud resources still need management and configuration. Ensure you delegate someone in your organization to own this.

2. Document. You have to create a culture of documenting your IT. It is inexcusable to lose passwords or rely exclusively on an outside vendor. Moving to the cloud makes this even more critical.

3. Document management. They should be accessible so that the right person has access to the right files, backed up and properly organized within your organization. Migrating to the cloud is a perfect opportunity to develop best practices on how the documents should be organized, who has access and how do you archive.

4. Make sure you have tons of Internet Access. You need to have as much speed as your budget allows and then get some more. Internet access has displaced the backbone of business communication.

5. Data Backup. Make sure you don't confuse online document storage with backup. They really are two different things that have overlap. True document backup is automated and has a significant historical reach for document recovery.

Jonathon Fishman

Founder/ President

Rimot Support, Your Personal IT Department



Written by Squawk Media
3680 days ago

Very helpful to know when considering cloud services for your business, Jonathon. Thanks so much for the added insights!

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!