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Heather Stone - Chief Moderator BizSugar Pinterest LinkedIn Google Facebook Twitter

Heather Stone Heather is Admin/Chief Moderator at BizSugar and maintains the BizSugar blog, writes the Contributor of the Week and other blog posts, and manages the moderation team, interacting with BizSugar members and providing them with customer service and site support. She is also responsible for the daily news roundup on our sister site, Small Business Trends. As IT Admin for, a Web content provider, she is engaged in several blog development projects while finishing her Bachelor’s of IS degree at Muhlenberg College.

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Niall Devitt BizSugar LinkedIn Google Facebook Twitter

Niall Devitt Niall Devitt advises organizations how to plan, design and implement social strategies that generate real business returns. In 2009, Niall co-founded (formally an international, business community, online publication and a place where business professionals and entrepreneurs can share business tips, pointers, advice and lessons learned. In addition to being community manager for, he is an adviser to the Social Media Today group of websites. He also founded Social Media Ireland - the largest social media focused business community in Ireland.

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Martin Lindeskog BizSugar LinkedIn Google Facebook Twitter

Martin Lindeskog Martin's work as a social media evangelist and "Trader in Matter & Spirit," is to provide moral and practical support to sole traders and business-minded individuals. He helps organizations use new media to boost their supply and value chain. As a certified networker, he gives guidance to business leaders with an integrated approach based on a rational business philosophy.

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Sian Phillips BizSugar Pinterest LinkedIn Google Facebook Twitter

Sian Phillips Sian is the Managing Editor of, an Associate with The Ahain Group and a Moderator on BizSugar. With over 20 years' worth of experience in business and accounting Sian provides help to the SME sector. The other half of Sian's day is spent working in the Social Media space; writing blog posts and conducting interviews for, plus writing for clients globally about Social Business and Accounting. She is a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism, too.

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Ti Roberts BizSugar Facebook Twitter

Ti Roberts Ti Roberts is an Internet marketer & blogger with over 7 years experience. On her blog, she enjoys teaching her following how to generate traffic via Blogging, Social Media, Internet Branding and various unconventional traffic generation strategies. Ti has built her brand around being a self-proclaimed "SEO Rebel", known for her unique, in-depth traffic case studies where she regularly reports her traffic and business building activities to her audience.

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Amanda Stillwagon BizSugar Pinterest Facebook Twitter

Amanda Stillwagon Amanda is the Projects Editor at Small Business Trends LLC where she is responsible for email newsletters, the small business events calendar, the public news section, as well as social media marketing for Small Business Trends and associated sites. Amanda also serves as Editor of Small Business CEO, a sister site of Small Business Trends, where she is responsible for content, site management, and overseeing guest contributors.

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