Working for an employer who is younger than you, can be a demanding task and if not executed professionally it can leave a bad taste in your mouth the moment you step into your workplace. It does not mean it is an impossible task and no good can come out of it. Having a younger boss brings new prof Read More
Small talk can be defined as a casual and informal interaction with the person or group, not focusing just on a topic in particular. It is mainly seen practiced in social occasions or when meeting for the first time.

Good conversation skills is the first step of achieving success in any career. Read More
You might be thinking that telling about yourself to others is something very easy.

But is it really so?

Well, how hard it would be? After all, nobody knows best about you than yourself!

However, people get tongue-tied when a recruiter asks them this question “tell me about yourself“ in an Read More

Blue Monday

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This coming Monday is dubbed 'Blue Monday', does this exist or is it a PR myth? Jimmy Williams, CEO of Urban Jungle has set up a Mental Health Fund to help his staff. Click on link for further deets Read More
Money is not everything in the world but it is definitely somewhere next to oxygen. The topic of money, income and wealth has often been discussed in a bad way. Yes it is true that the society we all live in is afraid of being looked as greedy and in constant need of money. But what they always nee Read More
A job resume is extremely crucial and you need to make sure that all the facts presented in it help to improve your job profile. At times you may have to hide certain facts or lie about certain things that may seem unpleasant in a job resume. The tactful handling of these facts can help you bag the Read More
There can be many ways through which one can find one’s job interesting. It is important that you admire what you like and put constant efforts into it.

ways to have a great dayYou will reap the benefits only when you have put 100% work and strength in what has to be done.

Read More
Whether the recruiter approaches you himself or herself or you have to talk through call or email, just make sure you are well prepared before. One needs to talk little professionally to the recruiter. One has to know the technical jargon used, the process should be known and many others things sho Read More
If you are a college going student, then the chances are that you will be looking and seeking for some inspiration to help you along the way. These are few inspirational Ted talks for students which will help to inspire. Read More
Being a mentee is a blessing for some, especially for those who are really interested in becoming a helpful hand or mentor. A mentee is a person who is guided, helped, spoken to and accepted by a mentor. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!