5 Powerful habits you can copy for success

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On your path to success, you are going to run into some tricky situations. You will have to make impossible choices. You may get blamed for someone else’s mistakes. But no matter what complicated situation you are thrown into, you should always stay true to your values. Read More
Every business wants to get the most out of its resources. Apart from making more profit, companies constantly strive towards reducing overall operational costs.
Read More
How can artificial intelligence and automation transform HR? With the rise of AI tech, this article explores some of the changes we can expect to the way the HR process works. Read More
A business coach will provide objective advise and keep you accountable enabling you to improve you personally as well as your business. Read More
Assigning team members to their tasks is a duty which is as vital as it is tedious.

Everyone pretty much knows what they should be doing, so there’s no need to directly assign them to everything when you could be spending time on more important tasks, right?

Wrong. Read More

How To Change Your Business Working Culture

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You must document the set of required values and behaviors officially and make sure to educate your team about it thoroughly. It is a very important prospect of any work place culture to keep your employees motivated for higher performances. Read More
What do highly successful people have in common? Do they possess specific attributes and traits that make them different from other people? Here are 58 such attributes. Read More
How a manager responds to an employee’s suggestion can influence whether they open up in the future, according to a new study. Read More
A business’s ability to evolve depends on its leader’s ability to let go of that death grip on… everything… and learn to delegate without micromanaging. Here's a good look at some of the reasons why delegating is so crucial to the good health of your business, and what you can do today to start gro Read More
You run a small business. You can’t do it all yourself. You can’t bring every skillset you need onto your team. At some point or another, you need to outsource. Design, marketing, writing, translation, technology, consulting of all types…possibly, even HR and accounting. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!