10 Traits of a Successful Manager

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You have a business and you are interested in hiring a manager who will be able to assist you in growing that business from the ground up. When you put out an ad for this position, you receive hundreds of resumes. Even if you narrow this bunch down to just the people who seem most qualified for the job, you're going to have to do quite a few interviews to make sure that you select the manager who is going to be most capable of growing your business. How do you know who that person is Read More
Habsheim, France. June 26th, 1988. The test-flight of the first fully-automated airliner that removes the "Human-Factor" from the puzzle.

Technology is the force behind modern innovation. But what are the consequences of over-reliance on technology in business? A tragic and chilling demonstration.. Read More
Small business growth made simple. If yesterday you said tomorrow make today count with Micro Business Therapy™ No promises. Just result Read More

A BizSugar Philanthropy Project? Just An Idea…

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BizSugar is a COMMUNITY. A wonderful one made up of successful businesspeople. Could we start a project to give something back? An award or scholarship to a struggling entrepreneur? To a needy student? A disabled veteran? The spouse of a slain police officer?

Such a project would instill within us the spirit of giving and the PR for BizSugar could be ENORMOUS! My thoughts in this post.. Read More
You have poured your heart and soul into helping others; yes clients and customers. But time has passed by. Months? Years?

Is it worth getting/staying in touch?

The following INCREDIBLE video, watched in a business sense, demonstrates the intense POWER of respect, loyalty, allegience and dedication! Enjoy.. Read More

How to Make Your Customers Love You

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Love does not dominate; it cultivates. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

But can you really make customers LOVE you?

Let's see.. Read More
Alien UFOs, at least according to some, hurtle across the galaxy on a mission to invade planet Earth and enslave the population. At the last minute, as in Roswell, NM, they crash in flames.

Closing business deals has many similarities. Stop by for a Biz "Close Encounter" of the Weird Kind Read More

I Can See Clearly Now

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We're not talking about half-baked, everything will be all right optimism. It's really about resiliency, a deeper form of optimism Read More
Pizza Hut employs 3,000 disabled workers and reports turnover is less than 1/5th of other groups!

Marriott Corp. offers an internship for disabled high school students.

Half of the employees at Carolina Fine Snacks are disabled!

Disabled workers are GREAT employees Read More

Go Get It!

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I read a true story about a pessimistic railroad engineer who was let out of work early along with his coworkers. In the process of shutting down, he accidentally locked himself in a refrigerator car. Knowing his coworkers were leaving for the day and realizing the dangers of being trapped in freezing temperatures all night, the engineer began to panic! He yelled for help and banged on the door, but no one could hear him. Eventually, the engineer accepted his fate and “froze” to death. The next morning when the police examined the scene, they noticed something peculiar.. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!