As a frequent advisor to new entrepreneurs and startups, I often hear your frustration with being treated differently from other startups by investors, on expectations for valuation, traction, and market size. Of course, it could be your level of experience, or the quality of your team, but the dif Read More
Working From Home Today - There is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive change in the lives of so many people across the world. And one of the areas most affected is business, with a lot of owners now going online.

This means that a lot of business owners currently face the unu Read More
A popular myth that most of you probably believe is that startups are only for the younger generations. In fact, I see more and more evidence that new entrepreneurs are coming from the older age groups (age 45-64), and success rates move up with age. Is it possible that age and experience are more Read More
Entrepreneurs need to be effective team leaders, since no one can transform an idea into a product and a business without some help. Unfortunately many founders I work with as a mentor are experts on the technical side, but have no insight into leading a team. But fortunately, team building is a sk Read More
Too many entrepreneurs tell me they are looking for an investor, and can’t differentiate between venture capital (VC) investors versus accredited angel investors. They argue that the color of the money is the same from either source. They fail to realize that the considerations are quite different Read More
Technical entrepreneurs love their technology, and often are driven to launch a startup on the assumption that everyone will buy any solution which highlights this technology. Instead, they need to validate a customer problem and real market need first. Don’t create solutions looking for a problem, Read More

Quality Control: How to Get It Right With 19 Free Templates

Quality Control: How to Get It Right With 19 Free Templates  - Avatar Posted by Ihya1324 under Startups
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Quality control is vital for succeeding in the business world. But how do you create effective quality control processes? Find out how with 19 free templates! Read More
It seems like every entrepreneur I meet these days is quick to proclaim themselves a visionary, expecting that will give more credibility to their startup idea, and improve their odds with investors. In reality, I’m one of the majority of investors who believe that startup success is more about the Read More
Don't allow adversity to stifle your productivity. Our small business community has advice to keep you moving.

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7 surprising small business ideas

7 surprising small business ideas - Avatar Posted by namasteui under Startups
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We all need money. You may not be happy about it, but it’s a fact that can’t be disputed. You not only have to pay the bills and buy food but even most hobbies and leisure activities will require a certain amount of financing. If you’re not really a fan of 9 to 5 office jobs, you can find other way Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!