Having a breakthrough idea or technology alone does not assure business success. “If we build it, they will come” may have worked as a movie theme for Kevin Costner, but as an investor, I tell entrepreneurs a great solution is not enough. Successful businesses require innovative people, who have bu Read More

Five Small Business Statistics for 2019

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It’s common to hear how large global brands are affected by business and technology trends like artificial intelligence, changing customer expectations, and data privacy concerns. But how do these trends affect unsung – but much more numerous – small businesses? What compels someone to take the ent Read More
Every startup wants to be a predictable success, yet so few ever achieve this enviable position. In reality, getting there is not a random walk, and requires an understanding of the stages that every business must navigate and the organizational characteristics necessary at each stage. Read More

The Business of Business Part 2 - Small Biz Tipster

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Which Entity is right for you?
This will be the gravest and foremost question you need answered before taking that first step into the business world. What type of structure will meet your needs?

Let’s ponder and analyze the most popular types of businesses. These top entities are merely open-e Read More
If you are a business professional or owner today, success is more and more about relationships. People relationships are the key to career growth, more than results, and customer relationships build brands, rather than the other way around. In this era of communication overload with many misleadin Read More
How would you describe a great small business? We’re talking about a business that provides top notch service to its customers day in and day out.
Here at Small Business Trends we know that’s not easy. And we know this because of the small businesses we work with and report on every day. We also k Read More
If your startup is looking for an angel investor, it makes sense to present your plan to flocks of angels, and assume that at least one will swoop down and scoop you up. Or does it? Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning. The challenge is to find the right angel for you, and for your Read More
Much has been written recently about the requirement to focus today on the total customer experience, as a competitive edge or even for survival. Traditionally, you just worried about the quality of the sales transaction (price, speed, service), but the “customer experience” now includes ease of pr Read More
True business success and leadership starts with real personal values, extends to building a team, and finally to inspiring customers and your community. That’s a huge leap from an entrepreneurial idea, to a product, to making money. Is it any wonder that the majority of startups fail? My job as a Read More

Why Businesses Need to Take GDPR Seriously

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Why Take GDPR seriously? Because it has everything to do with the way your business communicates with it's customers and how your customers data is used. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!