Do you think working nine to five is ok to survive in this recession. Maybe more hours have to be put in to achieve your goals


Written by FrederiqueMurphy
4938 days ago

Love that you wrote that post Sián, as it is one of "those" topics! ;-)

I think this is a personal choice and I believe it should be, personal and that all of us should decide and take control over our own hours, so for me, there is not right or wrong behaviours; and, actually, it is my belief that you need to act in a fulfilling way, then, when it is fulfilling, that is your "right" way.

These decisions have to be made considering our balance, our market, our niche, our services.

Personally, I am not a 9 to 5, and while I was, at some point, in a 9 to 5 job, I just very rarely left at 5...! This ties in to my belief of over delivering and committing at 100% to deliver the best service I can. I have had, however, colleagues who could "switch off" at 4.59 and go home; for me, I rather finished what needed to be done and then go home.

Since I have my own business, I have total freedom of my hours and certainly do not follow a 9 to 5.

But, yes, there is a but, I have boundaries; boundaries that serve me and my couple, my family , and my friends.

Those time boundaries, commitments and set expectations are key to my balance.

I believe that my clients get the best from me when I am at my best and this is not when I am working 24/7; so, I don't work 8h a day; on some days, I work way more, and some days, I will be chilling in A LOT ;-)

I do not mind having to work harder for a specific amount of time when I know that play is coming up; you know, "Work hard, player harder"! ;-)

Written by ClaireBoyles
4939 days ago

hear you Sian, it's a tough call, yes we need to make sure that our services/products are available to our customers when THEY want them, otherwise they'll find someone who will give them what they want, when they want it!

However, and here's the catch- as business owners yes we absolutely need to do everything we can to ensure that our businesses survive & thrive, but if we don't take care of our own health & well being then we will underperform. If we neglect taking care of ourselves & having appropriate relaxation & down time over sustained periods we also face the risk of jeopardising our health.

It's a fine balance- one that all too often can only be seen clearly when it's too late. I have a personal experience which I will share here- I implored my father to take time off as he was working far too hard. The words I used were "If you were to drop down dead in the morning, they'd find someone else to replace you" but as a Manager he was committed to his responsbilities. Within weeks after that conversation I had with him, he had a massive heart attack & passed away instantly.

So, YES do everything you can to make sure that your business is competitive & it meets the demands of your customers, but PLEASE, please take care of your health too- without it- you won't have any business at all.

If you make your mobile number available to customers- have 2 phones, one that you can happily switch off at a predetermined time of day. We need to relax & recharge in order to work to our optimum performance. And to stay healthy, happy & alive :)

Written by mironema
4940 days ago

There is 9 to 5 and there is the Internet. Business on the internet rocks, you can pretty much anywhere and do your thing. Communication is getting cheaper and cheaper, VOIP will soon be the standard so out of all business I think the Internet is the way to go.

4940 days ago

Sian the end product of working all hours is to be sucessfull and enjoy your life. At least you are having a go. Many put the world to rights in pubs but do not appreciate the hard graft that goes into actually putting the world right. These people have no idea of the commitment required and are normally all working 9 - 5. Go for it.

Written by jangles2
4940 days ago

I worked nine to five as a kid. I don't really understand those words anymore. They mean nothing. Maybe a Civil Servant could explain what nine to five means.

Written by tester1
4917 days ago

I agree

Written by TheDude
4940 days ago

The ongoing battle between two mentalities and in the end two social and economical statuses. Being a 9 to 5 employee and feeling trapped and miserable, having to ask for permission even for going to the toilet (I'm exaggerating this a bit to make a point) or having your own business, working 16 hours a day in it and thinking you are free. :))

I don't know which one is best. Judging it from the amount of working hours, it may seem that having your own business is a bit stupid. I mean the whole point is to have as much time for yourself as possible. In reality, owning a business gives me the chance of at least try to escape the corporate net and make it. Meaning work less hours, earn enough money and be free from the 9 to 5 cage.

So I guess at the end of the day is just a matter of how long it takes to make it.

Hope it won't take a life time and then regret I didn't go 9 to 5 when I was young. It is a bit of a catch 22 isn't it? :)

Written by Orbeeque
4940 days ago

The company that is flexible will be the one that heightens its chance for survival in today's economic climate. Being accessible and flexible, however, should never come at the expense of downtime. Getting the work-life balance is very important but that is particular to each individual and his/her company. One thing is clear - the days of 9-5 are well and truly gone!

Written by AmelieRogers
4940 days ago

It is such a hard thing to do, make time for yourself/take time out, yet don't let your customers down. I really do admire you for running your own business and being so devoted to your customers.

Written by MelSchregardus
4940 days ago

Great post Sian. As a shiftworker, I have totally left the mindset of 9 to 5 behind. Also, in the work that I do, I leave the building and there is nothing pending til the next day. My other half, however, is running his own business and works all hours when necessary as you do, and takes calls whenever the phone rings. Watching you two makes me appreciate my shift work ;-)

Written by philusk
4941 days ago

I have found the best way is to work for the Government for 34 years and then they let you work 14 hours a week for the same pay as 42 hours.

Written by Barneyausten
4943 days ago

Agree with you on all counts, the trick is to make sure that you do actually get a life at some point otherwise you do have to question what the point of it all is! This takes time to develop though so the trick is to work smarter to ensure that you don't get consumed 24*7. Is there technology that can help you out perhaps? For those that need a break from the phone but don't have staff - perhaps a "virtual receptionist"... or...

Written by writerlyderv
4943 days ago

If you don't resent working long hours and enjoy your work, then by all means do so. But I grew up in a vet's practise and I found the constantly ringing phone very invasive. As a result, I draw a firm line on my time. Work is important, but so is having a life!

Written by nialldevitt
4944 days ago

Sian, of course the strange thing is that the advent of technology has in fact increased working hours rather than having the expected decrease. I think its important to be available to customers but we are in danger of taking this too far. Most people now take work with them on holidays etc, I can't say I believe this is now a good thing and I think we need to rethink what important in our lives.

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