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I have recently read a very interesting article on Social Media. The article was written in 2007 by Danath Boyd and Nicole Ellison. Both are pretty formidable entities in the world of Social Network Site (SNS) research.


Written by McLaughlin
3555 days ago

It's interesting to see the time line, user count and other info in one place. How one network is The One to be part of only to be replaced by the next big thing.

I never got into MySpace, I had an account but never really used it. I have a FB account, but only use that to play games with my friends. I have an active Twitter account, and a second account that tweets about things that are green (I never really use that second account, it is fed by several RSS feeds). That second account has over 15k followers and people really seem to like it - funny since it is a bot account with no human behind it.

It will be fun to see where SNS take us in 2010 and 2011, now that FB is more popular that Google dot com and at the same time many business people don't like FB because of people like me that do nothing professional there.

(nb, I know that FB is not really #1, all of their traffic hits the dot com and google has the dot in, cn, de, and fr in the alexa top 25)

Written by ShawnHessinger
3555 days ago

Thanks so much for sharing this great information, Brian. Social media has definitely taken on a life of its own right down to blogging networks like Bloggertone and online communities like BizSugar and I think it's interesting to see how people are using these tools in ever evolving ways to build networks that might never have been possible otherwise.

Written by travelaustralia360
3556 days ago

Nice Content! SM is good for generating a good amount of business. You can interact with the people about the product.

Written by nialldevitt
3556 days ago

Hi Brian, really interesting read! thanks for sharing your social media knowledge on Bloggertone. I think the most astounding thing in relation to SM is the numbers of people and the speed at which people are engaging. I think it's becoming increasingly hard to define social media as the tools and more importantly the way in which people are using them is constantly evolving. Cheers, Niall

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