We have all heard the conventional wisdom that “the customer is always right” and “we exist to serve our customers,” but what if you have a customer that is so bad that his association with you damages your business? I say fire him. Read More
In order to win in today’s fiercely competitive economy it is absolutely critical to create a customer service program that transcends standards and puts the personal element back into customer relations. If small businesses spend the time and the money to create a customer service program that knocks their customer’s socks off it will prove to be worth every penny. Read More
Imagine if your business chose to forgo the regular customer and client appreciation and thank-yous in favor of one giant gesture one day.

While Open Houses and traditional Appreciation Days are great marketing tools and a way for brick and mortar businesses especially, to connect with their customers, it does not, or should not be the only time you thank your customers or clients. Read More
When delivering a project to a customer, we must not lose sight of customer satisfaction in our desire to conduct an effective project management exercise. They asked for the project, so it is theirs and not yours! Read More
Five Forces Technology Group presents a way for IT Service Providers to begin creating compelling customer experiences for their business growth and longevity. Read More
Customer service is a HUGE issue for small businesses these days because of increased likelihood bad customer feedback will wind up not as a complaint lodged only to you personally but published for the world to see online in a feedback forum. But how exactly do you make sure you are providing good customer service and avoiding the kind of online negative feedback that can bring you and your comp Read More
Ever showed up late for a meeting? Or worse, have you ever had anyone show up late for a meeting with you? Not really all that professional. Read More
It’s easy to think of customer service in terms of the “real” world; in brick and mortar business. Anyone who has eaten at a restaurant, bought something from a clerk at a store, had assistance while shopping, etc, has had some level of customer service. But how does on measure customer service for online business? Read More
What better way to understand why customers are repelled by certain businesses by simply asking them. Here are thoughts from entrepreneurs, consumers and more on how to not lose a customer. Read More
You made a resolution to be better this year. You can keep that commitment. Here are the people I am following into 2010:
Elizabeth Marshall @lizmarshall If you are author, want to be an author or like learn from authors, you need to tune Liz in. I just starting working with Liz and I saw immediate financial [...] Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!