Explaining to a client that they’re wrong is never easy. It could blow up in your face and damage what was a good relationship. But everyone is wrong sometimes, and clients are no different. Sometimes you just know that what a client is requesting is wrong and that you have to find a way to tell them. But how? Read More
Why waste time surveying your customers about how satisfied they are with your products and services, when research shows that customer engagement is a far more powerful profit driver than satisfaction? Read More
A simple gift to your client or customers can easily help you to stand out from your competitors and boost your customer return rate. Panicked over what last minute gift to get your client? From something you can make yourself to big ticket gifts and everything in between, you’ll find it here. Read More
Most small business owners and sales managers avoid conversations that could result in negative feedback. But this article from Business Week makes a compelling case that some unpleasant truths are essential for planning and can help you increase sales. Read More
An account of my failed attempt to find out why a computer I ordered from Dell, promised for one delivery date, was suddenly delayed for a month. Lessons: provide customers with explanations for delays and empower frontline personnel to solve customer's problem or risk losing a customer. Read More
A start-up, founded by two individuals with ideal backgrounds to establish and grow a new kind of company, focuses on truly helping consumers solve their credit challenges. Read More
Phone answering skills are critical for businesses. The telephone is still most business's primary point of contact with customers. And the way you answer your company's phone will form your customer's first impression of your business. These phone answering tips will ensure that callers know they're dealing with a winning business: Read More
Customer service, something we as business people and also consumers encounter every day. From grabbing our first cup of coffee at our favorite store to our first phone call of the day, we take part in the consumer experience as well as have an impact on our on customers experience. Read More
To all of our businesses, customer is king, but we often lose sight of this fact during our normal working day. This is primarily the case in the services delivery world where the purchase is not instant for the most part i.e. it usually involves multiple interactions e.g. a piece of consultancy. Read More
Just because your customers are buying from you, doesn't mean they're getting what they really want. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!