Losing customers is losing money along with the credibility that the company had built over these years!

Here's a narrative on how businesses can measure customer churn, the revenue lost with every customer and the retention strategies that could lower their customer attrition rates. Read More
Traditionally, customer relationships and interactions were perceived on a one-to-one basis; one customer:one business. But with the marriage of so many technologies, that's shifted to a one-to-many relationship, which means providing a seamless CS means working together across organizations. Read More
An unhappy customer is always an opportunity. Act quickly, make sure they're heard and use this as a learning experience: 5 ways to turn a complaint into a brand advocate. Read More
How is your Hotel turning ordinary into extraordinary?

Creating that breakfast tray that makes the guest feel extra special is all about the little x-factor that makes a micro-moment shareable. Often when I talk about Social Media Marketing, I put this in context with change and transf Read More
If your once valued customers haven’t made an appearance recently, there probably isn’t a great mystery at all. The reason might be a very simple one. So, while they may have been abducted by aliens, the answer is probably a lot more straightforward. And as Holmes himself would usually utter, quite Read More
"The customer wants a seamless experience. You and your organization want to provide them with that experience. Although the customer may not care how you achieve this, it's an absolute must that your business does." Read More
Getting customers is easy most times compared to actually keeping them. Here are seven best practices you need to apply to your retention plan. Read More
Forward-thinking brands leverage AI as a means to strengthen the human connection they have with their customers. While AI takes care of the transactional elements, customer care teams have the ability to focus on the human and emotional components of the interaction. It’s the perfect combination. Read More
Service experience wins customers. Here are five relatively painless steps you can take to foster a better customer experience in your company. Read More
The 2019 tax season awaits us and CPAs are more prepared than ever to tackle it head-on! Let us dig deeper to understand how BPO accounting services will help reduce their workload and make the busy period a success. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!