I know what you're thinking. Despite it all, you've had a decent year. You deserve a little something for all that hard work. That gorgeous Callaway FT-5-TH driver, for example, would be pretty sweet out on the links. Okay, Tiger, that's fine... if you're somehow connected to the PGA.

Well, here's 5 must-haves you, your successful CEO, should have.
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4. Praise early, often and late. Harvard Business Management offers a Tip of the Day. And a recent one listed 3 Tips for Giving Praise that Motivates. The three tips were excellent: 1. Be Specific. 2. Praise with Actions, Not... Read More
A CV is without doubt one of the most important tools in a job seekers arsenal! It amazes me what little effort many people put into creating such an important document. Very often I see CVs that have been thrown together in a hurried frenzy years ago. Then to make a poor CV worse, the job seeker attaches a few lines of their most recent job and t Read More
These are my favorite questions to start a value-add dialog with your employees. When they know you are interested in them as people, they respond. When they see you know their talents, values and interests, they feel important and become more loyal. Read More
Do you know the number one reason people leave their jobs? It's not because of money or the company dress policy. It's not because they did not get the corner office or because they were passed over for that much-deserved promotion. Read More
Creating the right environment for the team is equally important. People will give their best when they feel that their services are being valued and that they are entrusted with producing a part of the success of the venture. Read More
Creating an employee training program for your small business can be one of the most important aspect of running a successful business. Here Mike Kraus, retail expert at AllBusiness gives you some ideas about where to begin. Remember that creating an employee training program doesn't just help your employees. It also helps your customers by setti Read More
Off shoring may not always be the answer whether you run a small or medium sized business says Paul Spiegelman, a business owner who says cutting employees goes against his company's culture and that outsourcing necessarily helped his competitors much. Read the rest of Spiegelman's evaluation of the outsourcing trend in this article from Entrepr Read More
According to research, the retention rate as a result of Training lies at about 20% — depending on which sources you check. If followed by Coaching, the retention increases dramatically to over 80%. This pretty much follows the Pareto Principal. It is also claimed that Coaching can increase ROI to 6-1. Read More
Certainly, many small business owners have experienced what it is like to run a small business with a skeleton staff. Those who started their business likely founded it with perhaps only one employee, themselves. But now the tough economy is bringing back those hard times for many small businesses. This CNN Money.com small business article looks a Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!