People often come across the trademark sign in their life. Sometimes they have to perform a Trademark Search for study or professional purposes. However, one should know what a trademark is before beginning the search for it. The article will provide you knowledge and some very basic information about Trademark. Read More
What is copyright law? This answer is unknown to many and so through this article, we are trying to provide you some basic information about copywriting and its laws. The Copyright Act, introduced in 1976, had ushered in the copyright laws. Read More
The relation between an employer and his employee is very important. Though it is better to minimize all gaps in the relation, in fact, some amount of gaps do remain in the relationship. The various facets of the relation between the employee and the employer are included in the Employment Law. Read More
Finance author and blogger Tom Taulli explains the importance of protecting your personal assets when entering small business. Hope for the best but plan for the worst with your new venture. Make sure that in the event your business does poorly you will not be putting your home and other personal belongings at risk. Read More
When answering the question of how to choose the right lawyer for your small business an obvious start might be checking their references. But attorney Joseph Zellmer suggests some other points you might consider such as likability and follow through. Watch the video: Read More
Though the focus of these legal tips is clearly entrepreneurs, it's equally clear that small business owners of every stripe can benefit from them as well. There are many aspects of business law covered here and very likely some will apply to a greater or lesser degree to your business. The resource is provided by Gaebler Ventures, a Chicago-based incubator and holding company that concentrates o Read More
This article on how and why to register a fictitious business name for your small business comes from attorney Jeffrey Steinberger via Yahoo! Small Business courtesy of If you intend to do business or open a bank account under a name other than your own, under most circumstances you'll be required to file one of these. Since there is a cost, you may want to consider whether you Read More
The phony invoice business scam has been around a long time, presumably because even after all this time the perpetrators find it profitable. Unlike many business scams that prey upon people's dreams or hopes, this business scam preys upon people's inattentiveness. Read More
And the third in our ongoing series of links from BusinessWeek's The New Entrepreneur blog as guest blogger Jonathan I. Ezor looks at demystifying yet another business contract area, non-disclosure provisions. If you've ever signed a contract containing them or if you are contemplating creating one for business needs of your own, this could be an excellent preparation for the process. Of course, Read More
Guest blogger Jonathan I. Ezor continues with an ongoing series aimed at demystifying legalese for the entrepreneur and small business owner. Often these are the people most in need of answers and yet most unable to afford legal help during the startup process. The series is part of BusinessWeek' The New Entrepreneur blog and I strongly suggest you share it with any friend you happen to know who Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!