This article on how and why to register a fictitious business name for your small business comes from attorney Jeffrey Steinberger via Yahoo! Small Business courtesy of If you intend to do business or open a bank account under a name other than your own, under most circumstances you'll be required to file one of these. Since there is a cost, you may want to consider whether you Read More
The phony invoice business scam has been around a long time, presumably because even after all this time the perpetrators find it profitable. Unlike many business scams that prey upon people's dreams or hopes, this business scam preys upon people's inattentiveness. Read More
And the third in our ongoing series of links from BusinessWeek's The New Entrepreneur blog as guest blogger Jonathan I. Ezor looks at demystifying yet another business contract area, non-disclosure provisions. If you've ever signed a contract containing them or if you are contemplating creating one for business needs of your own, this could be an excellent preparation for the process. Of course, Read More
Guest blogger Jonathan I. Ezor continues with an ongoing series aimed at demystifying legalese for the entrepreneur and small business owner. Often these are the people most in need of answers and yet most unable to afford legal help during the startup process. The series is part of BusinessWeek' The New Entrepreneur blog and I strongly suggest you share it with any friend you happen to know who Read More
Attorney Amyli McDaniel looks at some of the biggest blunders made by entrepreneurs when operating a small business in this article from the Small Business Legal Advisor. But probably more appropriately, this article also looks at how to avoid them. Hopefully, if you've already made these mistakes this article will help you to do what it takes to make things right again. If you're just starting i Read More
Here are six steps to protect your small business trade secrets starting with identifying the data critical to protect for your business's success and ending with the process of litigation if this information is compromised. The list of steps comes from the Barbara Weltman Website. A tax and business attorney since 1977, Barbara has made a name as a great source for small business advise. Her sit Read More
Jeff Wuorio of the Microsoft Small Business Center lays out seven reasons your small business might need to call a lawyer and interestingly not one of them deals directly with your business being sued. Be aware that while some business experts might insist that retaining a lawyer is a necessary step at any point in the creation of your small business, remember to use common sense. If you are just Read More
Tax expert Tom Choisnet talks about deducting your small business home office and discusses some of the considerations in this video from eHow. The deduction requires adequate record keeping and should allow small business owners to deduct a portion of the cost for upkeep of their home so long as the home office remains the primary place of business. Depreciation is also possible for the home off Read More
Right now, hiring an attorney for your small business startup may be the furthest thing from your mind. After all, why hire an attorney when you haven't made any money yet and you're just starting out? But according to this video on LawInfo, hiring an attorney at the outset when starting your company can cost less than you might think and save you from costly mistakes early on. It's quite amazing Read More
Choosing between an S Corp and LLC for your small business can be an important early business decision. Karen J. Lange of The Company Corporation helps simplify the issue in this helpful article posted at the National Federation of Independent Business Website, a great source for numerous legal tips small business owners may find helpful. Membership is necessary to view some but not all content o Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!