Buying a franchise means launching a business that has the framework of a bigger company around it. You can expect tons of support from your franchisor, but what about competition? As a prospective franchise owner, it’s critical that you know everything you can about territories and how they can ma Read More
Customer retention management is a big issue in SaaS. We give 5 ideas to make it work with your customers.
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The pharmaceutical industry is facing a number of critical challenges. Today, the financial pressure on pharmaceutical companies is growing as patent cliffs and a push toward generics put pressure on the industry. Another difficulty faced by many pharmaceutical companies is the growing call for lia Read More
Embarking upon product development is an arduous task, no matter the size of your business. When you think about this process, you often concern yourself with the creative process at the very beginning and the various analysis that happens before production begins. One area that is often overlooked Read More
In today’s era of automation and virtual assistants, many workers fear their profession could soon be taken over by robots, so to speak. But how accurate is that assumption?
Well, jobs like driving, data entry, financial analysis, customer service, medics, and manual labor are already being replac Read More
Do you love gardening but can't bear the heat? Then you can avoid gardening in the summer sun; instead, do it in autumn. Here are some autumn gardening tips for you to know which vegetables to plant in autumn.

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Principal Product Manager of Atlassian, Evan Muchner, says in an interview,

“The nature of SaaS implies that your customer is constantly re-evaluating your product — weekly, monthly, or yearly.”

The explosion of the SaaS model in recent years has been monumental in changing the technological Read More
Are you a woman who suffers from body pain? While we all suffer from body pain due to lifestyle and other issues, most women prefer female chiropractors to treat them. Here are the reasons why you need a female chiropractor.

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In 2016, Forbes claimed that team building is the most important investment you’ll ever make for boosting productivity. They found that team building builds trust, diminishes conflict, opens up communication, and increases collaborative work. Employees become more engaged, which is good for the com Read More
Construction is a fast-moving industry in New Zealand, and it is one of the sectors that are most closely linked with the country’s growth Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!