As event planners we always want our attendees to remember our projects. How do we overcome this? There are no easy answers. If they were, we would all be rich, but we can pay attention to our surroundings. We can look at trends and check what other people are doing to give our event that little ex Read More
So here we’d like to share experiences in an attempt to offer some simple solutions that would help to reduce the suicidal thoughts we get when we sat in an office meeting.
Discover how to organise the best meetings ever thanks to our meeting planner hero guide! Read More
Antoni Heatley, Founder and Director of boutique PR agency Cutlass Communications, possesses an easy charm and affable nature, essential personality traits required for a career in public relations –it is easy to see why Antoni was destined to work in PR. Read More
It takes a certain set of particular skills to be a fantastic event manager. These include dedication, organisation, creativity and the passion to plan the best events possible, but even if you have all of those, success is not guaranteed. In order to help you through the journey into the events ma Read More
So you got stuck with the little task of organising the office Christmas party? Don’t fret! the corporate Christmas dinner doesn’t necessarily have to be the night where all of your co-workers wished they were somewhere else and Ryan from sales makes fun of your drunken state. Take it as an opportu Read More
If you haven’t jumped on board the listening trend, you’re missing out.

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You don’t need a party planner to host an amazing party everyone will remember. All you need is some creativity, basic organisation skills and a planning list you can stick to. Here are 15 top tips to ensure your party runs smoothly. Read More
You want to put your event in the spotlight, increase social shares or even achieve virality? Think pictures. Creative photos can convey the great experience of your event and compel both attendees and your online audience into sharing pictures to promote your event. A picture speaks a thousand wor Read More
The theory is this: if it’s not about the line-up, it’s all about the graphics. Here are some tips and observations to be sure that your event is looking good.I’ve also included some examples of event branding to whet your taste buds, and remember, first impressions are everything – be beautiful. Read More
If I was going to give an award for the absolute worst kind of press release, it would be the boring financial announcement: Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!