The most persuasive kind of publicity is media coverage. Free media is more valuable than almost any kind of marketing, except word of mouth, because it lets you tell the world the value of your offerings, and it comes with the validation of a third party (the publication). Nowhere is press coverag Read More
For people who seek coaching as a support, there comes a time when they realize that they are in need of someone to help us get past their current position in life. View this presentation to know about core values and life coaching. Read More
Branding is an important element in any marketing campaign, especially small business. Small businesses are at risk from globalization, so creating a strong brand name is a great tactic to stand out from the crowd. Read More
Starting from writing grammatically correct posts and ending with qualitatively made shots, everything should be done perfect! In this post, we will share with you the basic tips on how to become visible on Instagram. Apply them to your account, and you’ll notice positive changes very soon. Read More
Smart people use conferences as an opportunity to extend their network. While keynote speeches and panels can be inspiring and informative, there is rarely enough time to impart in-depth knowledge.
Conferences should be where you expand your network: they’re full of like-minded individuals from yo Read More
Give to get. Always lead influencer engagement with what the brand can do for the influencer. An empathetic view of influencer collaboration will inspire far more effective outcomes than the more a transactional approach alone. See working with influencers from a long term perspective, not just as Read More
To Hire a PR Firm or Not?

I am sure there are many reasons to hire an expensive PR firm on retainer for $5,000 or more every month. Personally, I have never found the need since I have become a one-man PR team.

These tried and true tactics help me get major publications, backlinks, and much Read More
Involvement with the local community within which your Small Business operates is about more than just selling goods or services. It’s means building relationships with the communities and investing time, effort and occasionally finance in order to support community development. Here are some ideas Read More
How having a solid wingman or wingwoman can help you build your business. This tip is especially helpful for introverts and others uncomfortable with tooting their own horns. Read More
When it comes to local marketing, press releases remain an important aspect to get your company, product/service and brand recognised... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!