This piece from New Hampshire Public Television looks at free small business advice from SCORE. The organization offers services by volunteers with business experience to both those already in business and those just getting started. To be sure, all business owners will find different value in these services depending on the kind of business they Read More
Evaluating your small business goodwill when considering sale of your enterprise means going beyond the usual questions about equipment, inventory and fixtures. In this post, broker Bob Hughes reviews some of the things that go into calculating goodwill. They include things like the business's reputation, contact information, logos and trademarks Read More
This video on how to apply for small business awards from SBTV features Andrew Field, owner of I interviewed Andrew some years ago for another Website and the story of his revolutionary online printing company is inspiring to any fledgling entrepreneur. Andrew says the benefit of applying for business awards is that winning ca Read More
As we have all become accustomed to transitioning to a digital age where printed business cards are becoming more and more obsolete, a number of startups have looked to come with innovative solutions to start leaving our old business cards at home. My Name is E is essentially an electronic business card that allows you to share your contact inf Read More
Serial-entrepreneur and blogger Scott Burkett has this small business outsourcing advice for startup companies. It should be understood that Scott uses the term offshoring because much of this outsourcing may involve dealings with businesses outside the country in which you operate. It should also be understood that much of Scott's advice here is Read More
Read this post at the Small Biz Blog about free small business seminars held across Canada. A last batch of these is being held next week on the topics of "How to find money for your business" and "How to get more sales" before an upcoming August break. Those interested in the seminar can choose from a schedule of regional events by simply pic Read More
Whether it's a service based business like accounting or selling your own homemade jewelry, figuring out how to start a home based business can be tricky. Here's advice from AllBusiness advisor Kathy Murdock specifically tailored to working mothers. Murdock suggests considering many factors when setting up shop including determining your target Read More
Are you thinking about selling your small business but are not sure of the fair market value your business represents? Small business expert Rieva Lesonsky answers a question in this podcast from about how to determine fair market value of your business and answers a question about alternative to broker services when making this im Read More
From, a video covering small business legal and accounting advice with Dr. Robert Yancy, a S.C.O.R.E. counselor, gives a great basic overview of the main things to consider when operating a small business. The key points include protecting your personal assets from business liabilities and determining how expenses and income re Read More
This overview from gives a summary of insurance for small business. While the Website clearly suggests buying insurance immediately and bringing an insurance agent in on your startup, remember that insurance will be an additional cost and you will need to consider the value of such a wide range of protection before you actually h Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!