Below are marketing strategies and tactics through couponing that will encourage your consumer to purchase higher margin items – something consumers will do if you help them, remind them, and sell them. Read More
What are your strategies for customer retention? Do you see if you can keep them? Do you learn from them if you can't? What are your strategies for customer experience? Do you have the ability to respond to their need, or do you follow your policies? Read More
Quick Response (QR) codes are not new. These are the digital squares that are found nearly everywhere. Users scan the code with their smartphones in order to visit a website that contains exclusive information. What retailers are now discovering is that QR codes can be used to enhance the in-store Read More
Contrary to a common belief, not every prospect is worth investing your time and efforts into. Find out how to spot prospects that are really worth going after and engaging your sales efforts. Read More
I'm also struck by how casuallly we, both sales people and managers, take the strategy development process early in the sales cycle. I see few reviews, little coaching. The reviews usually start mid way through the process and increase in intensity toward the end. But it's early in the process wher Read More
Business referral networks, a new unlimited development approach for companies and people.
Business referrals and using intermediaries to let business come to you is a new growth opportunity that will open doors to new markets, will enable you to find new customers and in addition, will get your p Read More
Do most companies you know of name and announce top sales associates on a periodic (monthly/annual) basis and/or offer top sales awards or other performance based recognition? Read More
How a CRM solution can help you track and win back business with those who have previously bought your products or services. A well managed customer management system gives you the opportunity to revive inactive accounts and maximise profit as well as going out looking for new customers. Read More
Our customers deserve far more than nurturing and great service. Those are table stakes for any sales territory, but they don't help our customers grow and improve. They don't help our customers get better. Our customers need us to be hunting--helping them to discover new opportunities, new ideas, Read More
LinkedIn has become the world’s most popular social network for career professionals, but many businesses are still trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn for lead generation.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!