A conversation with my 3-year old causes me to reflect on my ability to get people to listen to me. I've discovered the need to earn listenable status. Read More
A great article about what it's like to negotiate with Donal Trump and how you can apply this guy's lessons when negotiating with others. Read More
The following is the rough transcript of a recent call I had with a Sales Director of a large Irish Company. Mr X: Hi Niall, This is _________ __________, I am the Sales Director with ___________ ___________ What I'm looking for a two day sales training course to brush up on our selling skills. What would that cost? Me: Hi __________, thanks Read More
Technology has come a long way in the modern sales force, but there are still those who would rather do it "their own way". The truth is, technology is designed to help you do your job, you just need to get on board. Read More
Today is Day 1 of the 28 days to Better Selling. Over the next 28 days you will work on 28 small shifts that will add up to a significant improvement in the way you sell. Today's topic is on “The ABC's of Targeting.” Watch the video ( or direct download) here, and complete the 5 steps outlined below: 1. Make a list of all possible criteri Read More
Any salesman starting in a new business has 2 jars: - The Jar of Luck - The Jar of Experience At the start the Jar of Luck is full, whereas the Jar of Experience is empty. Then he starts using ... Read More
Too many companies are making money online for you not to be one of them. And forgetting everything but the simple art of selling, there are a few simple things that you have to be doing to convert potential customers into paying customers. Read More
Well, here it is. Top Sales Blog is now a year old. I wanted to share the success I've had over the past year, let you know where this blog is going in the future, and take some time to thank all of you - my readers. Read More
Do you confuse product training with sales training? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!