Investigative prospecting is about identifying individuals or corporations that are experiencing a certain event that makes them more open to immediately doing business with you. We have talked about sources of sales leads, and even Linkedin prospecting in the past few days. Today's sales podcast is for Day 6 of The 28 Days to Better Selling. I Read More
Do you sell more like Johnny Depp? Or Anthony Hopkins? Or Read More
Today's sales podcast is Day 5 of The 28 days to Better Selling and is focused on using Linkedin as a prospecting tool. There are many aspects of Linkedin but today we going to focus on the function that enables us to get introduced to a prospect through a friend. Your assignment today is to connect with three prospects through Linkedin. Ste Read More
No deal is better than a bad deal, plan ahead to avoid the dreaded Yes We'll Take That Deal! Read More
Jerry Kennedy's new Motivation 101 Blog is all about helping find and keep that boundless energy that comes from proper motivation. This recap of the five pillars of creating motivation and momentum introduces the mission of the blog. Read More
Sales people must have an ability to filter. That means working through a lot of potential business and prioritizing opportunities that will close now along with deals that will close in the future. A strong pipeline is going to payoff now and it pays again later. Read More
Most companies will usually have a sales process in place which they want you to follow. This begs the question - should I follow my company's sales process? Read More
Today's assignment is focused on finding and developing more lead and networking sources. Watch the video and then take the following action steps: 1) Make a list of all the possible lead and networking sources. 2) Pick the ones that have a high concentration of you're A target or A referral sources 3) Join and or book yourself for some event Read More
Traveling 'green' has dropped in priority over the last 18 months as businesses focus on keeping their doors open. Tortured by your ever expanding carbon footprint? Wondering how you'll make numbers with a reduced travel budget? Sales managers - Take Heart! You can travel green and reduce travel costs, all while increasing sales (...and sa Read More
A clearly defined sales process is key to success in B2B sales, but many organizations either do not have one or lack the discipline to adhere to the one they have. Doing so is not really a Mystery, it just takes leadership, accountability and will. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!