Want to sell more? Dave Kahle explains how improving your listening skills and your questioning skills can be a win-win. Read More
Article highlighting the four key factors in gaining more and higher quality referrals. Read More
If you missed the last post, Compelling Argument Against Cold Calling, it is piece you have to read several times to take it all in. I think there are two key issues. The first is cold calling and the second is lead generation. I'll set the record straight. If you are in sales, cold calling isn't optional. It is a must— but, most organizations are Read More
Sometime a bit of truth injected into a conversation with a prospect can dramatically change the direction of the conversation. At times even in your favour. Usually you have little to lose. Read More
An interesting post discussing some of the psychological aspects of self defeating behavior, and how to get your salespeople to do the right thing. Valuable for managers. Read More
Today's focus is on listening. A big part of being good at all the steps in the sales process has to do with listening and being totally present. I have put together (in PDF format) a brief self-assessment on listening for you to complete. A big part of being a successful communicator is self-awareness. Take time during and after this assessment Read More
Leading is something you do from the front, not from locked away in a hotel with a new plan. Read More
Don't get drawn in to the summer lul, plan your activities to meet market conditions, not expectations. Read More
Do referrals work? How do you get them? You've got to have a system! Read More
Investigative prospecting is about identifying individuals or corporations that are experiencing a certain event that makes them more open to immediately doing business with you. We have talked about sources of sales leads, and even Linkedin prospecting in the past few days. Today's sales podcast is for Day 6 of The 28 Days to Better Selling. I Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!