It’s a small world. So when I had a recent LinkedIn Live convo with Leah-McGowan Hare of Salesforce and Bevy’s cofounder Derek Andersen on to talk about the company’s efforts to recruit black investors in their recent $40M round, Leah’s story about attending the Black Venture Institute’s (BVI) two Read More
Instagram is the perfect platform to gain reach and engage followers, especially with the right Instagram Story Ideas. Read More
Wisestep did a Poll recently on "The Biggest Challenge for Recruiters" and this is what we found.

Based on it we have created a twitter thread. Read More
You must have had a business strategy when you started your business, a template to guide you where you were going and how you plan to get there. The same goes for social media. With a plan, you will have clear goals of what you plan to achieve, have ways to measure your results and be sure that yo Read More
#students and #Blogging!

How students can become a profitable blogger?

What topics you should choose to make money blogging?

Here is everything that every student must know...

before stating his journey as a professional blogger! Read More
YouTube Blogging for Beginners!

How to become a Vlogger?

How to start and grow channels on YouTube?

How to Grow subscribers?

Here is everything that you must know! Read More
As a Recruiter, what part of Recruitment process takes most of your time every day ?

#recruitment #recruiterlife #recruiters #recruitmentagency #recruiter #recruitmentjobs #talentacquisition #recruiting #hiring #hr
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7 painfully Repetitive things that Recruiters continue to do every day

Posting a Job Requirement on 15+ different Job sites by going to those websites and filling out the Job Posting Form

Download CVs from Job Boards and organize them into Folders and label them by Job title , Skills, ex Read More
With the help of several tips, you can handle your social media like a pro. Generating leads will seem less complicated once social media platforms join the project. Regardless of the type or the size of your business, leads play a crucial role in achieving success. That is why you should use these Read More
If You manage a Recruitment Team or Business, What's your biggest challenge in Remote working? Let us know Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!