Of those companies listed on Fortune1000's list, 75% of those actively online have conducted some form of Social Media Marketing. However, 50% of these ventures into cyberspace were unsuccessful. Brands who are constantly working towards improving themselves in the new world of Social Media Marketing will naturally suffer setbacks in the process. Read More
With more and more people riding the Twitter wave, this post is dedicated to help you improve your Twitter marketing effort. Read More
Cindy King is a contributor (together with Mari Smith, Jason Falls, Chris Garrett, Denise Wakeman, Casey Hibbard and Michael Stelzner) on the new online magazine with content-rich articles and videos designed to help businesses discover how to best use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Read More
Follow the The Most Influential Small Business thought leaders on Twitter Read More
The truth is if you manage it well, benefits of social media use (not for work purpose) can make the risk you take worth it. If you can't think of any, let me help you with 3. Read More
Should your company start a blog? This question is a tough nut to crack. You might not need to fork out a cent but maintaining a blog can be enough to cause a nightmare. Either companies rather not think about it or they just don't see the true benefits of owning one. If the latter is the case, these 5 reasons should help clear some fog and get Read More
It's hard not to be skeptical about the social media craze, especially if you're a small business that's struggling to find a way to bring business context to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Read More
Starting a social marketing campaign can be a daunting task for a small business owner not used to online marketing. When done the right way, social marketing can do wonders for a small business, start-up or entrepreneur trying to build buzz on a shoestring budget. Here are eight things to keep in mind and help you get started: Read More
Capitalizing on the trust we have for our online “friends,” criminals are increasingly targeting social networks. So, stay on your toes! To protect your irreplaceable content and invaluable financial information, remember the following while you're tweeting, re-tweeting and hashtagging away. Read More
If you're using Twitter (Twitter) for business as a way to promote your brand, products or services, it's even more important that you write retweetable tweets. Here are five simple ways to make your 140-character pronouncements highly retweetable. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!