If you are a small business owner that are thinking of getting into social media marketing, make sure that you have read these 5 social media marketing pitfalls beginners must avoid. Read More
While on vacation last week in Kauai I sat beachside relaxed and entranced by the awesome power of the ocean. I was entertained watching wave after wave hit the beach, toppling kids and adults as they played in the water. As I sat there, I became curious about how waves are formed. So I turned on my iPhone and went to the Internet in search of Read More
With the good inevitably comes the bad. Sometimes I feel like a one-woman social-media-promoting band, telling friends, family and colleagues about the joys and benefits of using Twitter. I still feel that way — using Twitter has been beneficial for my business, and the only investment has been my time. Read More
LinkedIn has helped many people, but some struggle to figure out what they can do beyond connecting with others. Here are 33 ways to help you make the most of LinkedIn. Read More
Some employees are afraid to jump into Twitter from a business perspective. Sometimes it helps to have answers to questions and this list provides a majority of answers. Read More
Last week in our podcast we discussed “Integrating Social Media Into Your Sales and Marketing Process.” Today I would like to talk about what a social media roll-out plan could look like for your company or department. If you're a lone ranger, don't worry, this will work for you too. Based upon sections from our book Sociable! here's a 13 point Read More
This is the sad story of a company that died. Actually, it's more of a question of how it could have been saved. I'm talking about the now defunct FlyClear service run by a company called Verified Identity Pass that launched in nearly 20 airports across the country with a paid service that promised a way to avoid the travel lines at security wit Read More
Michael Jackson's death, more than any other recent event (including the Iranian election and swine flu) has shown once and for all just how deeply social media and its many tools are embedded in our daily lives — we might still hear things first on TV or radio, but the real dissemination of information happens in the immediate fire up across soci Read More
Helpful, detailed piece about how blogging works for pro bloggers. Offers guidance on how to position yourself, build credibility, and earn money. These are not stated quite as clearly as I'm summarizing here, but woven into this excellent article are details about how you should be transparent in your blogging or damage your credibility. Read More
A practical guide for building relationships and connecting with customers online. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!