In my years of experience as a mentor to business professionals, I have often heard feedback from CEOs and other business leaders that the loneliness and unexpected challenges from their new roles exceeded even their wildest expectations. If you have aspirations in that direction, I urge you to do Read More
Every business leader with a new technology tells me that his innovation will be industry-disrupting, meaning that it will render the existing technology obsolete, and create a new market. Yet truly disruptive innovations, like the smartphone from Apple and the rise of the Internet, are very rare, Read More
In my experience working with entrepreneurs and business leaders, I see that recent events and culture changes have changed effective business leadership from the top-down, unilateral, single-focus model to the collaborative servant model. Team members today expect and demand that their leaders be Read More
Every business owner realizes that change is now the norm, and they have to adapt their business quickly to survive and compete. In fact, the best executives seem to see breakthrough changes coming even before they really happen, and are able to turn them into huge new opportunities. In the trade, Read More
Unlock the potential of AI with our skilled developers. Craft your dream tech team with wizard-like expertise. Hire AI developers today! Read More
To build a new business, founders need a laser focus on providing an innovative solution to a real problem. Once they achieve that initial traction, their focus needs to change for quicker growth. Most business owners dream of achieving the exponential expansion of a Google or Amazon, but few busi Read More
As an advisor to small businesses and entrepreneurs, I too often hear the desire to be a big company. I have to remind owners that there are advantages to being small, and in fact, many large companies leaders wish their business was small again, to let them be more focused on their customer needs Read More
If you want to make sure that you are keeping your customers as happy as possible, there are many areas which are always worth looking into. And one of the most important is the product packaging that you have.

How you wrap up and display your products is hugely important, not just when they are Read More
In my experience working for and consulting with mature businesses, almost all do a great deal of talking about the innovation work they are doing, with teams dedicated to the endeavor, and constant reassurance to boards and investors that new ideas are endemic to the organization. I have found tha Read More
Are you looking for business books that can take your business to the next level? Here are 25 top-notch entrepreneurship books for beginners! Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!