We are in the early half of the 21st century and the world has seen the startup culture boom rapidly. Youngsters have one goal these days and that is to create a “startup” business. They have seen Google, Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Swiggy become multibillion-dollar companies. Read More
In this post, we aim to add some clarity to the farming business by sharing tips on how you can find the most success when getting started. Read More
With a documented process, you can follow necessary steps and ensure best practices are always followed. What’s more is that, by using documented procedures repeatedly, best practices can then be followed and executed again and again!
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According to the entrepreneurs I advise, the biggest challenge they typically face in starting a new business is funding. It consistently takes a huge amount of time and effort to find an investor you can trust, and that constrains your efforts in developing the solution you envision. People always Read More
15 of the Best Premium Shopify Themes to Grow Your Business

If you’re launching a new store on Shopify, these 15 Premium Shopify Themes will be your best investment towards growing your new online business quickly. Read More
It’s hard to be successful in any business when your customers can’t find you, or they find you and still can’t figure out whether your solution works for them. Thus I was surprised to see in a recent CNBC survey that 45 percent of small businesses still don’t have a website. These are missing a ma Read More
5 Ways to Become a Better and More Successful Entrepreneur

Are you ready to invest in your business growth? Here are 5 rules that every successful entrepreneur follows to achieve that goal. Read More
As a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, I often feel the frustration of someone trying to build a startup in the wrong place and time, and wrongly attributing their struggle to personal limitations. It may not seem fair, but passion and commitment alone are not enough to make your startup successful Read More
Strategic decisions set the overall direction for your business, whereas operational decisions set day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, most of the entrepreneurs who contact me for guidance only seem to work on strategic issues when they are in a crisis, such as losing a major distributor or being Read More
Many new business owners seek a balance in their work day but only some are able to successfully achieve a balanced life. Building a business is even tougher for parents who start businesses because they have to simultaneously run their families and their companies.
Here’s what you need to know ab Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!