Singapore’s skyline is populated with iconic architecture. From the gleaming, futuristic Marina Bay Sands to Peranakan houses and the Art Deco style of Tiong Bahru, the diversity and beauty of Singapore’s buildings are just a couple more reasons locals should be proud of their amazing city.

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Your customers want a good product or service and they want to have a good experience. If you have a good customer base during this process and keep them informed, they’ll understand … as long as you keep your promises and deliver, that is. There are many ways to reinvent your business. Figure out Read More
While spending years in a big company as an employee and an executive, I heard many people talking about jumping the corporate ship, dreaming of being an entrepreneur, and totally in charge of their own destiny. Fortunately for many of them it was all talk and no action, saving them from a world of Read More
Businesses can usually find between 50 - 75 improvement opportunities when they go through process analysis. This can translate into an 80% reduction in costs. Read More
Having satisfied customers is no longer enough to keep you ahead of competitors. The bar has been raised to having “delighted” customers. Customer delight is defined as surprising the customer by exceeding his or her expectations, thus creating a positive emotional reaction. This emotional reaction Read More
Don't let mistakes stop your success - use this free DMAIC Tollgate checklist template to eliminate error with lean Lean Six Sigma! Read More
As an occasional angel investor, I always ask for a business pitch to get me in the mood. I’m still amazed at how many technical entrepreneurs don’t have a business pitch, and offer me their product pitch or product spec instead. I’m a technologist, so I always love to learn about the product, but Read More
The basics of website conversion rate optimization can be overwhelming on their own. Here's how you can implement some CRO best practices on your own site to improve sales and UX. Read More
Just as national cultures influence and shape a country, so does the startup culture set by founder strategy drive the future of a new venture. In top current companies, such as Google, Apple, and Netflix, cultural strategies that include greater employee freedom and fostering creativity are the no Read More
New technologies improve our lives and changes the way we do things, including business., it has replaced many jobs but also made new ones. Check out this article to find how tech is changing the way we do business in 2020. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!