Here are 8 tips to keep your customers with you by J. Roy Miller, state director for the New Mexico Small Business Development Centers. In the article, Miller says getting new customers is harder and more expensive than keeping the ones you have so don't give them up without a fight especially in tough economic times. Miller suggests showing your Read More
Robert Miller, a financial journalist with the UK's Daily Telegraph gives tips for small and medium-sized enterprises in an economic downturn. The suggestions including meeting with key staff to determine operational efficiency and reaching out to chambers and other business organizations for help. The suggestions are probably important to consid Read More
New York-based entrepreneur and consultant Ahmet Kirtok gives these tips for making your small business green. and other huge companies are introducing green initiatives and Ahmet argues if your small business doesn't you could be left behind. But how can your small business make a difference? Read this blog post for more. Read More
Many people don't go into business because of the uncertainties, lack of success guarantees, and the unfamiliar. They're hesitant to try something new. Read More
Do you love this land we call America? Is it the purple mountains, the mystery of deserts, the peace of pastoral meadows or the shining seas that you love? Is it the diversity of peoples, each adding an unforgettable ingredient to the melting pot? Is it the formative ideals of freedom and equality that we continue to work towards achieving, generat Read More
As small business owners, we all know that marketing tools can be real lifesavers. Making yourself and your business available online these days is a must to any small business owner. Your customers need to be able to reach you, they want to see you — and you want them to return to you. Read More
In a previous post, Concentrate on Customers, Not Yourself, I mentioned service that might discourage or lose you a customer. Today, I'll relate customer service that made a very positive impression. Although this occurred at a fast food restaurant, the principle applies in any business, including your home business. Read More
Here is a helpful article for novice small business operators looking to understand the impact of SEO on their sales as written by my guest, Jennifer Tanzi of Read More
In this video, Steve Hoffman talks about how an idea to move into postcards from higher end photographic work helped grow his company considerably. Hoffman and his employees used the latest in digital technology to expand their offerings and slowly move into totally new services that eventually became the main focus of their business. Read More
In this blog post, Lynette DeNike gives five suggestions about how to run a smarter small business. Her suggestions are specific for businesses grappling with the economic recession including the suggestion to "Change your product mix". There is also a common sense recommendation about bartering for services. Read the article for more of Lynette Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!