How To Make Your Public-Speaking Engagements Interesting And Unforgettable. Learning from experience. Read More
A video trailer for the book "How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner ... and Still Have a Life" by Bill Collier Read More
Most advice to entrepreneurs focuses on what they should do: build a great product, assemble a great team, provide great service. All are “duhisms.” Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don't realize that there are things they should specifically avoid doing too. These are also duhisms, but somehow no one ever talks about them. Here is my list of the Read More
With the blogosphere churning out nearly 1 million posts every 24 hours, an unstoppable river of content flows over the web daily. It's daunting, especially if you're new to online publishing. The good news is it's still very possible to succeed, even if you're just starting out today. Developing affinity with a group of readers who will actuall Read More
The Power of Social Media Marketing You don't make money on the phone (or in person) coaching. Yeah - that's collecting money. You don't actually make money unless you're marketing your coaching business. This was actually my second biggest mistake in building my coaching business - not realizing: Read More
Australian business coach Greg Chapman discusses the steps of small business development. Most interesting is his analysis of a mature business and the suggestion that businesses that are coasting at this point without growth and evolution may actually be in the first stages of decline. Read More
With friends, family, and co-workers like these—In the spirit of opening your eyes but not inducing paranoia, when small businesses fall victim to identity theft, someone they know is more often than not the guilty party whose tampering has a direct impact on their credit standing. Read More
Knowing what kind of insurance to get can be an issue for many small business owners, so here are the basics: Worker's compensation insurance is the only kind required by law, but liability and property insurance are highly recommended. They can be tailored to different needs, but in their most basic forms they protect against legal damages in th Read More
It's easy to watch someone else get all the glory. All you have to do is stand and listen. But if you're an entrepreneur who craves media attention, you may ask yourself, “Why isn't that me in front of the camera?” Molding your business into an industry and media darling takes time and planning. If you truly want free publicity, it's up to you to Read More
a video presentation from johnmoore of the BRAND AUTOPSY MARKETING PRACTICE. When "small businesses" dream, they usually dream of becoming a bigger busines... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!