If Google Voice, Google Wave, and Google Buzz are grouped together with the existing suite of Google Apps, would it become a budget-friendly teleworking platform? Here are some reasons why Google Apps might be your organization’s ideal telework platform: Read More
There's lots of fear about the possibilities of considerable costs for some small businesses in the new healthcare legislation, and costs certainly will be based on what we've seen in terms of estimates of how the new rules will work. But one columnist says the healthcare law shouldn't put anyone out of business, just cost your business an awful lot more. Read More
Small business owners will lead the economic recovery. This is a column by one such leader who has decided to run his business leanly, manage his growth conservatively and is not much interested in government stimulus until business gets better. Reading his experiences may give even the most discouraged small business owner hope and the realization that you are not alone. But more than that, it m Read More
Little did we know how much the face of social media would change on February 4, 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg, a no-name college student at Harvard, launched Facebook. Read More
Your UBD is your Unique Business Differentiator and it is the most important thing you can know about your business before marketing it. It is what makes your brand, your business stand out in the crowd. Read More
When your business establishes a presence on Facebook, you make a commitment to be a good neighbor, a trusted Facebook friend. The emphasis is on being a friend, not a store, a business, or even a customer service help desk. Here are some best practices to market on Facebook without getting burned. Read More
The key to creating an effective workforce is to develop the top talent in your organization. ‘Employee development’ initiatives help employees work better and smarter, create greater employee loyalty, and boost your bottom-line. Read More
The concept of developing a brand for your business has been around for a long time. But branding has changed over the last few years as blogging, internet marketing, and social media have grown. Read More
Are you certain that your insurance company will provide legal defense for your organization in the event of lawsuit? Read More
Following the two case studies that I did earlier on; Nestle’s Facebook Mess and Tiger Airways’ Selective Listening, I would like to share five lessons I’ve learnt from social media public relations disasters like them.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!