There is a lot of mis-understanding and confusion out there about Coaching and what it actually is... Read More
What’s your T.Q. (i.e., Twitter Quotient)? Are you using Twitter intelligently? And by “intelligently,” I don’t mean are you tweeting Einsteinium equations. I’m wondering if you’re following the path of best practices. Read More
Recently Chris Brogan, co-author of Trust Agents, speaker, trainer and all around social media guru, visited Minneapolis and held a seminar he titled “Reputations.” Eric Mitchellette, business coach and consultant, attended and wrote an article for this blog that I could share with you. Read More
One of the first decisions you will make as a new small business owner is to determine your business strategy. Your business strategy will spell out your choices of inventory, your approach towards your business, and how you will steer the business. Read More
Some online collaboration tool reviews for small businesses and start-up companies to consider when offshoring their software development work. Read More
A basic SEO checklist can make sure that your site is optimized for search engines. Check these list provided by Climb the SEO Mountain to make sure your site is still search-engine friendly. Read More
Being an employer can be a wonderfully enriching experience. However, there is one aspect of being a boss that few (if any) employers relish: firing an employee. Firing employees can be particularly difficult where an employer has developed a personal relationship with an employee, or where an employee has served a company for a number of years. Here are some tips to consider when firing any empl Read More
Social media platforms build buzz, boost business and serve small businesses as low-cost/no-cost marketing tools. Small business owners need to understand how these tools strategically serve and support small business first so they best implement social media strategies to sell products and/or services. Read More
Despite the work of campaigners and legislators there remains a massive, massive under-representation of women in senior positions, an online resource for female entrepreneurs says. Karen Gill founder of Every woman explains that the situation today is not one of 'blatant sexual discrimination', but a disparity between male and female salaries as well as the unequal proportions of men and women i Read More
Despite Twitter and SMS, writing well still counts for small business owners who want to communicate accurately and get the right message across to customers, investors, and staff.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!