According to Alexa, Facebook has overtaken Orkut in India as the largest social networking site. Given the massive growth rate of Facebook, it wasn’t long until the previously mentioned happened. Indeed it was the same thing for Southeast Asia where it overtook Friendster in 2009. Then, Facebook was the number eight most visited website while Friendster ranks third.
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Take the time to come up with a detailed disaster recovery plan. This should include proper backups with an off site storage option. Additionally you need to plan for what you will do in teh event of a disaster. Read More
Want to be able to see what someone read or open an email?

Setup outlook to ask for a read or delivery receipt.

To request delivery receipts on all messages you send in Microsoft Outlook 2002 and in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, follow these steps: Read More
Our SMB client often ask us whether and how they can get started on Twitter. Here’s what we tell them. Read More
If you are thinking of selling your business, this guide will help you organize in preparation for the sale. Read More
Compared to their big-business counterparts, small businesses are especially vulnerable to patent infringement because they may lack the knowledge, expertise or resources necessary to prevent the theft of their invention. Use this guide to navigate the application process, understand costs and fees, and identify financial assistance opportunities available for small businesses. Read More
“Mañana.” It will wait until tomorrow. There are times when it is so tempting to tell yourself that, and actually believe it. But that's just not how things get done. Read More
What is sales 2.0? Technology? The integration of technology? Jeb Brooks takes a look at the topic. Read More
Many people are missing out on valuable sales opportunities because they neglect to follow up after the initial sales call. Read More
How do you serve your community of colleagues and customers? How you answer this question defines who you believe you are and what you believe your purpose is. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!