They say there is nothing certain but death and taxes. And while small businesses may be able to sidestep death, they are still in line to pay taxes. But, Uncle Sam does try to help out by providing a number of tax deductions aimed at supporting the small business sector. Here are a few top picks of small business tax deductions for and how to u Read More
And following up on two previous links here at bizSugar on selling a small business, here from via AOL are some important tips for buying a small business (or a business of any kind for that matter) including a list of 25 things to consider before putting together the deal. Starting a business is certainly not for everyone and, of Read More
In a followup to Tony Johnston's great link here' another video, this one from consultant Robert Nizza at Expert Village, about the process to go through and where to find help when selling a business. Some similar pieces of advice can be seen here but one important point that sticks out for me is Nizza's recommendation that business owners det Read More
great discussion on the benefits that the CFO role brings to an organization and how most companies can afford one with the opportunity to rent or outsource CFO services Read More
How do you engage your web marketing leads to move them from “just looking” to “I'm interested”? Read More
The Friday FREE white paper list is made up of white papers that have been posted to Twitter over the course of the business work week. The list allows you to review white papers without the hassles of registration or personal information. Each week you can review new samples and apply formatting techniques to help you hone your white paper market Read More
Web 2.0 ,with its range of different social media tools, offers great opportunities for companies to market and promote their brands, services, and events. However, sadly many organisations don't really know how to write interesting press releases that will attract customers to their brand. Often they deliver boring and traditional press releases Read More
Commodities and stocks have been on fire the past two weeks and I think it just may be time for things to take a breather. Profit taking could happen anytime from now. Read More
On which group should the sales representative focus his or her efforts? Read More
SMBs -who traditionally finance through lenders- are still struggling without access to affordable capital as banks continue to be risk averse. Even if the CP market does gradually return, longer dated terms of credit will likely linger for a prolonged period of time. A short term 60 day loan still costs money, while 60 day invoice terms are free. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!