Mike Greider of Sherpa Software Development, LLC is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been launching small businesses since before he could drive. Here Mike talks with Biztag.com about his custom software development business, and shares a wealth of insights that are sure to inspire other entrepreneurs to take action… Read More
Does entrepreneurship run in the family? You bet it does. In this Biztag.com interview with Brian Greenlee of Greenlee Graphics, LLC, we learn that lesson well. Brian is a former molecular biologist who turned his passion for art and graphic design into a thriving home-based business that has been going strong for ten years. Read More
If your plan is to ultimately author your own blog, but you need some practice to find your voice or to build your comfort level, guest blogging on someone else’s blog can be a terrific first-step opportunity. Read More
Jumo is a new social networking site announced by facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. The purpose of Jumo is very significant as it is designed to connect individuals and organizations striving to help the world. Here's why this is the future of social networking. Read More
A starter list of ways to differentiate your business, an excerpt from Arie Opps’ article, The Two Laws of Branding from the Inside Out, at Marketing Profs. Read More
Push marketing and pull marketing are both techniques that small businesses can use to good advantage. This article describes both methods, and uses examples of both push and pull marketing. Read More
Do you blog? Or do you have an email list that might be interested in hearing about Click Millionaires?

To help spread the word about Click Millionaires I’m offering 5 “review passes” to join my Click Millionaires private coaching community for free to selected journalists and bloggers.

Just let me know why you're interested and who your audience is. If there's a fit, you can get a person Read More
The FREE White Paper List is a summary of the free white papers that have been posted during the past week on Twitter. Each white paper is completely FREE and does not require either email registration or any other personal information. This is a great way to review white paper examples and learn new techniques.

This week's featured white paper example demonstrates a great way to make use of t Read More
Wow, my recent post questioning Twitter's marketing value stirred up some controversy!

This short VIDEO spells out my concerns about Twitter's declining usefulness.

A lot of people agreed with me, a lot of others did not, and some people were personally OFFENDED. Even the New York Times picked up the controversy!

If you missed my "Twitter Jumped the Shark" post or would like more det Read More
Finding cost-effective keywords can help you attract new cusotmers using PPC advertising. The beauty of PPC traffic generation strategies is that you can test them until you find winning keyword/advertising combinations that make money.

Here's a helpful basic financial analysis process that can help anyone get started generating profitable PPC traffic...

Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!