The Indochina Brands website currently unites over 20,000 business members with more than 60,000 brands and businesses listed. At the moments all services are free. Joining Indochina Brands, members can, - Search contact information for brands and businesses. - Post your brands and businesses information, uniting your own brands with hundreds Read More
Converting your business website to the open source publishing platform of wordpress will improve your seo. Read More
Whenever speaking at a seminar I harp on my audience to use social media to create dialogue with their connections. The entire point of social media is to foster two-way conversation between users. If you try to use social media to simply push out your message you will immediately be ignored or worse, ridiculed. Read More
In today's web world one of the most effective way to make online money is professional blogging. Blog is a best platform to express your thoughts and opinions to web world. Blogging is also a very good resource to earn online money. But it's not all about blogging but professional blogging. What is difference between two? Read More
Interesting points raised about the balance between as well as the leveraging of technology assets and human assets in a growing entrepreneurial firm. Read More
The new business mantra is adapt or die. Growth is no longer enough! Read More
First impressions go a long way in sales, casual is casual, and B2B sales is not casual. Command the respect you deserve by looking the part of a pro. Read More
The phrase “Authentic Leadership” has gained currency over the last few years but what exactly does it mean? How does “leadership” become “authentic”? Well, its probably fair to say that most people fall into leadership (e.g., senior management) roles. The route many (most?) people take is that they get a job somewhere, find out they're pretty g Read More
This morning at a Networking Event which I had organised in aid of Childline one of the presenters, Shane Twomey, a fellow HR consultant, threw out a question that really made me think! ” How do you reward poor performers“. Initially he was met with stunned silence. You could almost hear people thinking—”what on earth is he talking about—who wou Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!