There are no real guidelines on what information to share with international clients when cross-cultural differences make communication difficult. The best advice advice is simply to be aware of the cultural intricacies that may be involved. You will need to discover what information you need to share to avoid any misinterpretations. Read More
Cross-cultural encounters without hidden agendas are much easier than with them. In a business environment, the best way to avoid hidden agendas is to get focused on the task at hand and find the reason for the connection in the first place. Read More
Understanding the difference between selling in a robust economy and selling in a failing economy. Read More
Informative article about how customers buy. Read More
Every once in a while information crosses your desk that makes you stand up, take notice, and marvel at the capacity of the human imagination. Do you remember the Klingon Bible? How about the time someone calculated Santa Claus's Christmas Eve trip? Well, here's another one. You decide if its real or a joke! Read More
Here from is a list of best small business blogs including some we see regularly here on They include Small Business Trends and Duct Tape Marketing. There are some other great blogs here too like Entrepreneurial Mind, Church of the Customer and the All Business Blog Center list of top business bloggers. Check out these gre Read More
Take a look at how to avoid small business burnout. These tips from Ron Consolino, a management counselor for SCORE, were reprinted in a recent edition of the Houston Chronicle. Small business, the article notes, is filled with long hours, missed weekends and other sacrifices. There are, of course, rewards, but if the costs are starting to get to Read More
This article from Mashable looks at the world of wikis and their use for small businesses. Wikis can probably be best described as an online collaborative tool and though they may be talked about less than other popular Internet tools like blogs and social networks, they are at the very heart of the collaborative nature of Web 2.0. Read the articl Read More
- So many of us who live in the Northwest, and I am guessing Alaska sometimes too, have to combat seasonal disorders because once the rains start, the sun doesn't come out again but for a few brief glimpses until March. As Business leaders, it is important to take care of ones self. A top performer does best when the bo Read More
Let's see if I can "Show" you who this franchise company is, and what they're doing... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!