Now there will no need to carry different cards to accumulate your loyalty points at various stores rather a single RFID chip inside your phone would ensure that all details related to several cards you own could be found at one place. For this purpose Gyazapo will take care of everything. It will be a win-win situation for everybody. Check out ho Read More
The traditional PC as the corporate 'thick client' has long been at the forefront of desktop computing. It has represented a favourable compromise between functionality, performance and cost. However, a number of challenges remain: Desktop Management: Centralising desktop management is an extremely difficult task in the face of a broadly distrib Read More
Despite the headlines of abandoned 4x4s at the airport, Gulfood 2009 is open and new business opportunities are plentiful Read More
Would you like to see how your information technology infrastructure and procedures stack up against other small businesses? A group of companies, including Small Business Trends, have formed an industry coalition to benchmark the IT effectiveness of small and medium sized businesses around the world. Read More
This first segment of the "Boardroom Throw Down" pits the world famous Donald Trump against the infamous Gordon Gekko, a vicious negotiator and business man from the classic movie “Wall street”. These two icons are compared against 4 different dimensions; shrewdness, long term vision, magnetism, and accumulated wealth... Read More
Last year, one of the few financial instruments that was headed to the moon was the Japanese Yen. Since then, things in Japan have started to unravel. GDP has declined and exporters are suffering. Shorting the Yen vs the US dollar will prove to be profitable during 2009. Read More
With the potential for compromises in one virtual system or hypervisor to lead to compromises in multiple applications in a virtualized environment, the risks are too great for organizations to make security an afterthought. With virtualization technologies becoming pervasive in the data center, here are five essential steps for addressing virtual Read More
Confectionery Giant Glico creates a new sales channel in the fiercely competitive Japanese confectionery market Read More
Want to learn how to put Twitter to use for your business marketing? Learn the latest strategies as Scott Fox interviews Joel Comm about his new book, Twitter Power. A free MP3 podcast download from Scott Fox's E-Commerce Success Show at Read More
Here's where the U.S. dollar is headed in 2009. Read on. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!