Viral marketing strategies encourage satisfied customers to promote products and services to others through word-of-mouth. Like the dreaded flu virus, viral marketing has immense possibility for expansion and exponential multiplication as information is passed from individual to individual on the worldwide web. Read More
If there's one characteristic that I believe leads to success, it's resourcefulness. Finding a way to get things done is the skill that makes for an effective person—in business and otherwise—and finding that way without throwing money at the problem is often the most effective answer. Read More
People there are going on about how they “only write for themselves,” and if the reader doesn't get it “it's their problem.” Was I in a creative writing forum? Or maybe over at Robert Bruce's place? Nope. It was a “professional” blogging site. Read More
IP telephony has definitely gone mainstream. The value propositions for IP telephony include: • Reduction in cost of moves, adds and changes (plug-n-play). • Reduction in toll costs (everything on IP). • Opportunities for centralization of call control (data center telephony). • Virtualization of contact center (agent location independence). • Bus Read More
There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of writing guides out there. But in my opinion, none surpass the simple, direct advice of The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B.White. Read More
The early days of a blog are the toughest, by far. But they don't have to be. When a blog is still young, just as in childhood, it can be freer, carefree, and fun. Everything is a learning experience. Best yet, a young blog has endless potential. Read More
To get your approval for inclusion in the test plan, graphic designers must show you that their proposed visual solution is the only acceptable one that accomplishes the business objectives and supports the desired outcome. This is a high hurdle to surmount. Read More
James Nardell and his team at Shopster have been writing a series on myths bloggers have about affiliate marketing. This is the second in that series to help us all avoid some potholes on the information highway. (Does anyone still call it that?) Read More
Have you ever set aside time to sit down and update your business blog, only to find out you have no idea what to write about? It's easy to talk with customers and answer questions about your areas of expertise; you feel comfortable and competent “talking shop” with colleagues, but writing a blog brings on an intense case of writer's block. Soun Read More
When marketing is out there creating interactions, they need to consider the value of each one. It's easy to respond and move on, but to embrace participation, you need to consider all the ways what you learn and experience can be used to enhance your emarketing strategy, the relationships and credibility you establish, and the progress your pros Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!