With online marketing efforts it is important to remember that most things you do online will require patience and time. No matter what industry your are venturing into it is important to remember that online marketing is a building process and it will require more than just slapping up a blog post here and there to generate income or even traffic Read More
The economic tide continues to deliver plenty of ebb with very little flow. The impact of decreased spending and tanking consumer confidence is being felt by companies across the board. Often, none feel it more strongly than the marketers within those businesses. Read More
I recently had the opportunity to try out DeepDyve.com, a new deep Web search engine. After uploading my personal information and confirming my e-mail address, I was extended the privilege of free searching. DeepDyve allows and encourages enormous keyword strings and complex queries. Given the amount of data that DeepDyve is collecting, I was sure Read More
Business buyers often aren't spending their own money. That's good and bad. Good because they're more open to big-ticket purchases. Bad because they usually have to get approval from others. In fact, you must sometimes talk to many layers of a company before making a sale - decision makers, buyers, and end users. All of which means you have to pro Read More
Everyone wants to know how to make money online. Network marketers are no exception to this rule. In fact I believe the future of the network marketing industry is firmly rooted in attraction marketing on the internet. Read More
Visit any number of websites on a given day, and you'll encounter advertising portals that are way off the mark. The content is poorly written or disorganized, the menu options are confusing, the navigation sloppy. Read More
As a business owner you know the kinds of clients you want. Why not go one step further and make a list of actual companies you would like to have as clients. Then, get clear about who it is you want to contact within each company. What position does the person hold? Is it the owner? Is it someone in HR? Is it the sales manager? Read More
Offering free stuff on your blog has its advantages, if done right. Here are the four most important rules for a successful usage of this technique. Read More
Social media marketing is not for everyone and won't work for everyone. Before you take the plunge and invest your time and energy into any site (for marketing purposes), whether it be Digg or one of its competitors, take a moment to understand the site, the demographics of the site's community, and the community's preferences (My Little Pony woul Read More
One Minute Coach by Masha Malka — there is a very special campaign going on today for Masha's new book. It is a small book that is loaded with great information. The campaign is today November 12th — read this post for full details and I gave a link for my review and our interview - Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!