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The polar vortex of last year is predicted to play havoc again this year with extreme cold temperatures. Business owners are preparing in advance to either shoulder the extra burden or profit from the potential source of extra business. Read More
When running a small business with a bad credit score, it can be tough to create momentum. Being on the lookout for useful free technology can give you the benefits of early adoption as well as save you the costs of hiring a third party marketing team. Read More
Hiring millennials can create interesting challenges for managers, but by properly creating a structure that supports them, they are able to provide both perspective and high aptitude for problem solving to their work environments. Read More
Talent related issues are among the biggest ones that small business owners currently face. That's why it is so important for them to retain their highest performing team members. Here are a few strategies that can help them keep their star employees. Read More
NFIB numbers indicate that small business confidence slipped last month. While numbers have fluctuated over the past few months, they have not gained significantly, and effectively American small businesses are still caught in an economic doldrums. Read More
Your customers can be the greatest salespeople on your team if you empower them to be brand advocates, and reward them for a job well done in the same way you reward your best employees. Read More
Instagram is a wonderful tool for small businesses, and in particular for retailers. Here are some tips on using it effectively in order to cultivate loyalty and win new followers. Read More
The tools yo use to do a job will ultimately have a large effect on how well you are able to do it, and in business this holds true. Here is advice on how to know when your tools are holding you back from your best. Read More
Small business owners should act now if they are going to plan a fun activity for the Halloween season. Here are five low budget ideas that they can do to boost morale. Read More
The number one internet based activity in the US is social media use. If your business has not already taken note of this, then it is time that it made moves to integrate social into your business policies. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!