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As more and more companies and marketers look to connect with the booming U.S. Hispanic audience, determining the best way to use language in customer communications has been a key challenge. Spanish, English, or Spanglish—what’s the best choice? Read More

13 Terrific Writing Tips from Twitter

13 Terrific Writing Tips from Twitter - Avatar Posted by Connelly under Social Media
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Twitter is a great listening and learning tool. As a copywriter, I regularly seek out and share writing tips from other Twitter users. Here are a baker's dozen of the best writing nuggets of wisdom I’ve found on Twitter recently. Read More
These are the innovative products/technology that have emerged since the new millennium began and really taken us into (or are currently taking us into) the future. Read More
On November 28, Nike will release its innovative power-lacing shoes. As we like to do with major pop-culture events like the launch of the HyperAdapt, we turned to Twitter to learn more about this brand innovation and gauge audience excitement for this new product. Read More
When someone gives you their email address, it’s a big step. It means they like you enough to stay connected. Check out this infographic filled with tips to help you grow your email subscriber base. Read More
Posters are one of the great forms of advertisement. It’s a medium that has allowed artists, designers, and marketers to quickly tell a story, excite and engage people, and ultimately make a visual impact. And nowhere is this impact more apparent than in the movie business. Read More
Too often writers—both amateur and professional—get stuck in the rewrite cycle. Here’s how to adjust your mindset and break out of it. Read More
The year was 1999. Using the power of the burgeoning internet, a mysterious marketing campaign scared people into believing it was real. This is the chilling true story. Read More
If this question has crossed your mind, you're not alone. "Copywriter" is a confusing and sometimes misleading job title. Here's some clarity on what a copywriter is and does. Read More
This email marketing effort from Uber provides a fantastic example of how to focus on the human angle first and sell your services second. Read More

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